Landschaftsforschungszentrum e.V. Dresden

Name and domicile of the association clarify our claim to perpetuate and enhance the Dresden School of Landscape Ecology.

The LFZ considers itself as a platform for scientific exchange, promoting young researchers and environmental communication. Spatially our work focuses on Saxony as well as on Central and Southeast Europe. We finance through research projects, remittance work, donations and funding memberships.

The LFZ counsels public institutions, local authorities and associations. We provide basic and case studies for geographic and landscape related environmental research and visualize landscapes and respective processes. Our projects are executed by scientists from different disciplines like geography, landscape ecology, biology and other environmental sciences.
Working Fields

Virtual landscapes
[GIS, Web, models, software]

Environmental communication
[landscape interpretation, environmental education, field trips, artistic projects]

[work placements, field trips, workshops, collegiate theses]

Resource conservation - Nature conservation
[landscape conservation, mapping of biotopes, analyses of soils and waters, matter balances, agrarian environmental measures, interferences of use, ecosystem-services]

Landscape analysis
[sustainable land use, climate change as well as landscape change and its effects, analysis of components, historical landscape analysis, land register of cultural landscape, ideographic characteristics, future scenarios]
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